Janice Held Portrait

Janice was many things to many people, but she was everything to me. My life has been wrapped around hers since we met. I was her husband for 33 years.

She had been suffering from panic attacks and agoraphobia for many years, and when I met her she was just beginning to emerge from their grip. Once she understood how to overcome this disease, she become determined to help others do the same. She got her M.A. in psychology at a local university and became a licensed therapist, with local practices, a free therapy group, and web-based self-help. Over the next 30 years, she created several almost magical websites. In her honor, her BFF and webmistress worked with me to set up this "summary" site with links to a few of her most beautiful and inspirational web environments.

--Dave Held

Her first trip to Nepal in 2006, which included climbs to 12,000 feet, a stop at a rustic guest house, and making a lifelong Sherpa friend.

Her second trip to Nepal in 2008.

Just Kathmandu It, telling about her love for Mt. Everest

Her planned move to the Santa Cruz Mountains, which never happened.

Her treatment blog, describing her epic and courageous struggle.

"From Fear To Eternity", her amazing book about panic disorder. Part 1 is from the sufferer's viewpoint, and Part 2 is from the therapist's.

Janice on TV, "The Janice Held Story", just one of dozens of her TV appearances.