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My Passion from the Mountain

We trained, we shopped, we walked, we shopped, we talked and we shopped. That might have been the second warning that we knew not quite enough to be trekking in the real Himalayan Mountains. And yet through all of that we flew to Kathmandu. We learned that we might have brought too much as we could take only 40 pounds each up the mountain. We packed and unpacked 4 times. After 2 days we flew on to Lukla where we began our climb up to base camp. The adventure of walking and climbing up a well-worn trail toward the top made it obvious, my history and destiny would be rewritten that very moment. Part of me will live there forever and I thought that I must immediately plan for my return.

Besides taking Paige I took a stream of Tibetan Prayer flags to hang in honor of my son,

Janice Held
Janice - 2004

who died when he was six years old. I wanted to get close to him and release him. We did and it was tearful. At my side were Paige and Lhakpa. Lhakpa was our (my) own guide as we had left the group as we had stayed in Namche as the others continued the climb to base camp. Since I couldn't say Lhakpa I named him "Pumpkin." The three of us sang and danced our way down the mountain as the end of our time drew near. It was with such a sad heart that we were going to leave our friends in Nepal.

Janice Held
Janice - 2007

The finest treasure that we brought down the mountain is the terrific relationship we have developed with the Honorable Tsedam Sherpa. The Zamling Guest Lodge is owned by Tsedam and his wife Ang. They have a daughter who also helped run this shelter with showers, toilets and good food. Pull up a space heater and sip the tea. I made it. A dream, a plan, a chance, a daughter, a place and a big walk took me into my own future. What a blessing! I am grateful. And I'm going back.

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